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Cirrus creates clear vision for all to see

C.M. Swanson

On a warm Sunday evening in late August, one of Key Air's hangars at Anoka County Airport looked like a movie set. In actuality, it was more exciting than that. Folks gathered from all around to see, feel, and touch the SF50, a personal jet recently unveiled by Cirrus.

Ryan and Jennifer Lake from Blaine were among those gathered. The couple currently rents an SR22 but they were curious about the new aircraft.

"We're here just checking out the Vision Jet and the newer SR22 Cirrus aircraft," said Ryan. "It's all I've ever flown, Cirrus. We really like it, especially the availability of the chute if we ever need it."

Ryan said Jennifer likes that added feeling of safety when they go up. Jennifer is not a pilot but she enjoys flying with her husband.

"I ride very well," said Jennifer. "I love it!"

Another guest on the scene was Torben Kiese, Sun Country Airlines pilot who formerly worked with Cirrus as a certified flight instructor. He also delivered Cirrus aircraft to customers, including 25 flights to Europe, and one to China.

"It's a fantastic airplane," said Kiese. "It is literally the new general aviation airplane. If you can imagine what the Klapmeier brothers did in 1999 by basically inventing a new airplane, it would be like you or me trying to invent a new car to try to supplant Ford or BMW or something. I mean, you would be crazy to try.

"In a way, they were crazy to try, but they stuck with it and they did it. I'm glad they did. Actually, thousands of other pilots are very glad they did. It's been a great benefit for the aviation community." As Dale Klapmeier told those gathered, "The Cirrus life is about bringing people together."

Proving his words true, even Klapmeier's Uncle Jim attended to give the company's new Vision Jet a thumbs up.

C.M. Swanson


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