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Wings of the North AirExpo 2016

Flying Cloud Airport

In an air show masterfully emceed by aviation historian, photographer, author, and pilot Tom Lymburn, Wings of the North presented a fantastic AirExpo 2016 at Flying Cloud Airport.

The huge, white, big top tent was filled with aviation dignitaries of past and present fame. One of the stars was a spry 100-year old Dick Cole, last of the Doolittle Raiders who took time to autograph books and provide photo opportunities with youth and seniors who stood in line for the privilege.

Aerobatic air show pilot Julie Clark and her Beechcraft T-34, Free Spirit was a favorite out on the field. Clark spent time with visitors, answering questions and signing autographs.

Aircraft included two Czechoslovakian Aero L-39 Albatross jet trainers, the TBM Avenger, and the entire North American Flight Team T-6 Thunder. A particularly colorful bird was the Christen Eagle II, owned by Lynn Ojala and Denny O'Connell which displayed a peacock-like brilliance on the field.

Saturday evening with the Eagles was a pleasure for all who attended. In a world desperately needing guidance in the way of dignity and grace, Wings of the North takes the time and effort necessary to provide a platform for both, presenting An Evening with Eagles Dinner and Symposium during its annual AirExpo.

Amidst teaching and learning there was laughter born of good humor, honest tears from a willingness to share pain upon awareness of another's suffering, a knitting together of young and old with generous portions of mutual respect, and the promise of a better future made possible through reverence of life at any age.


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