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Paynesville Fly-In Breakfast ties in with town activities

Town & Country Days offers aviators extended entertainment opportunities

Aaron Kranz, member of Friends of the Airport and chief organizer of the Fly-In said the blessing a good weather was the beginning of a great day for the Paynesville Fly-In Breakfast in early June.

The Fly-In Breakfast was held during Paynesville's Town & Country Days, a week-long celebration of events including a parade, crowing of the Princess, street dance, beer gardens, and other activities.

Helicopter rides were the order of the day. Hummingbird Aviation kept the props spinning on its bird from early morning to the close of the event.

Paul Ehlen, pilot and owner of Sierra Sue II, the celebrated World War II combat plane, a P-51 D Mustang said he awoke to a beautiful day thinking, what a great day to fly to Paynesville for a pancake! Much to the delight of visitors at the airport, Ehlen followed through on his thoughts, jumped in his aircraft, and made the trip. He was greeted by Paynesville Princess Hanna Lang and Princess Chantil Hacklander who also took the opportunity to be photographed by the famous airplane.

Shuttle service to town was provided for folks who arrived by air and wanted to take part in the town's festivities.


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