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Buffalo Fly-In Breakfast has events all its own

Stunt planes, skydivers, cars and clowns, Buffalo has it all!

Buffalo Airport drew people from around the region with its annual Fly-In Breakfast and Car Show on June 12 in Buffalo Minnesota.

The Lucas Oil Jump Team opened the air show with an intriguing jump and remarkable precision landing on the warm, windy day. Jump team members include Dun Feess, Nick Halseth (team lead), Karl Lips, Erin Gibbs, and David Hage.

Mike Wiskus had his first ride in a stunt plane when he was ten years old. That obviously turned his world upside down, a position Wiskus has enjoyed ever since. Judging from the oohs and ahhs at the Buffalo Fly-In Breakfast, so did everyone watching the air show Wiskus put on in his Pitts Special S-1-11B stunt biplane.

Among VIPs attending the event was Ray Johnson, owner and pilot of the 1943 Stearman. Johnson's Boeing Stearman Model E75N1 has been on the cover of Trade-A-Plane, the Minnesota Flyer (three time), the Minnesota Airport Directory, and the Stearman Flying Wire. The famous aircraft is hangared in Buffalo.

Johnson personally rebuilt the Stearman over a twenty year period beginning in 1981.

General aviation of all kinds, including powered parachutes and other forms of skybirds came and went during the course of the day, entertaining visitors and inspiring young aviators.


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