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AAI just the right fit for fast track students

Focus, drive, efficiency matter at Accelerated Aviation Instruction

Not only do Chris Millerin and Mark Lukasiewicz know where they are going, they know exactly how to get there. Both are recent graduates of Lewis University in Chisago. Both have come to Minnesota to earn their Certified Flight Instructor rating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As the aviation industry steadily becomes ripe with employment opportunity, Millerin and Lukasiewicz are preparing themselves to take advantage of the times, even if it means no early summer break.

"We wanted to continue right after graduation since everything is so fresh in our minds," said Millerin.

Accelerated Aviation Instruction's (AAI) Chief Flight Instructor couldn't agree more. AAI is based on the premise that learning by immersion increases retention.

"We will work with you all day, every day until your certificate is in your pocket," said Jacobson.

AAI is located at the Albert Lea Municipal Airport, a rural setting that allows students to always be number one for takeoff which increases efficiency of each flight lesson, lowering overall cost, whether it be for first time pilots, flight instructor students, or those seeking multi-engine ratings.

AAI, a Part 61 flight school offers a 21-day private pilot course, 10-day instrument course, 10-day CFI course, as well as multi-engine instructor and instrument instructor add-ons.

"My goal is to make safe, well educated pilots without wasting student's time or money," said Jacobson.


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