Academy College celebrates 80 year anniversary in style

Sherm Booen Scholarship announced at Academy College celebration


C.M. Swanson

Al Malmberg and Nancy Grazzini-Olson make an announcement over WCCO Radio about the new Sherm Booen Scholarship offered at Academy College for students in the commercial aviation and commercial pilot programs. Along with programs in aviation, Academy College offers programs in IT, medical, and business.

Academy College announced the Sherm Booen Legacy Scholarship at its 80th Anniversary in April. The announcement was broadcast over WCCO radio by Al Malmberg, producer of the World of Aviation, and Nancy Grazzini-Olson, president of Academy College.

"We created the Sherm Booen Legacy Scholarship, up to $40,000, for any student obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in our commercial aviation or commercial pilot program," said Grazzini-Olson. "Applications are now open. Go to our website,, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and print off the application. Upon completion, mail or email the completed materials to us. Applications for 2016 are being accepted through June 30. The award will be announced on August 15. It is a great opportunity for those who are interested in becoming a commercial pilot."

Academy College partners with Endeavor Air, an American regional airline that operates as Delta Connection for Delta Air Lines.

C.M. Swanson

Al Malmberg, WCCO Radio, Commissioner Carl Crimmins, Senator Eric Pratt, Nancy Grazzini-Olson, and Randy Morris, MCOA Lobbyist shared stories of aviation related travel and challenges currently facing the industry, particularly the shortage of qualified pilots and dispatchers.

"At Endeavor we partner with Academy College for aircraft dispatchers," said Endeavor's Manager of Operations Control Center The aircraft dispatch position is a federally licensed airman's certificate position. We get a strong stream of candidates here from Academy, so it's really a great partnership we have."

Davanzo states that the job market in the industry is strong.

"There is a huge dispatch shortage, just like the pilot shortage," said Davanzo. "If there is an airplane in the air, there is an aircraft dispatcher on duty on the ground. If you have a regional carrier like Endeavor Air, we operate 24-7. We have dispatchers on duty at all times.

Davanzo said wages for dispatchers range from entry level at $15 per hour to $130,000 a year as a senior dispatcher at a major air carrier.

Among other duties, dispatchers route and re-route aircraft and flight crews to maintain schedule integrity, and to accommodate maintenance requirements or crew legality


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