Stars of the North volunteer at Feed My Starving Children


Stars of the North

Alexis Render, Dawne & Ian Barrett, Lindsey Glasow, Cat Gilboy, Jenny Nietfeld, Cassie Schroer, Kim Wurtz, Jessica Englund, Amelia & Mitchell Halsted.

Stars of the North, the Minnesota chapter of Women in Aviation joined several other groups in Chanhassen one evening in January to pack 42 boxes of food, that will find their way to Haiti with the non-profit, Christian organization, Feed My Starving Children.

"We learned it was the equivalent of feeding 25 kids for one year," said president of Stars of the North, Jenny Nietfeld. "We had a very good turnout. It was very rewarding."

Stars of the North sometimes gather socially, just to have fun, like attending the Delta Block Party which Nietfeld says is "like a big picnic." At other times, gatherings are to volunteer in the community. Whether to volunteer or simply to socialize, all gatherings have one thing in common, mutual support.

"I find that the women who attend these meetings are those who really want to make a difference," said Nietfeld, "they don't have a hidden agenda. They just want to make things better."

Making things better applies to circumstances in all aspects of life, not just aviation.

"You just never know who you're going to come in contact with in our group," said Nietfeld. "Our goals are to have fun, and help each other out. Everybody in the group truly wants to see the other person succeed. Women in Aviation tend to realize it's a small world, so we focus on how can we help each other, and encourage each other to make it to our next level."


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