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Santa's coming in a Super Cub

Sometimes people have to find the joy in Christmas

even when circumstances are far from joyful.

Not long ago, Minnesota Pilots Association President,

Dr. Randle Corfman found himself in just such a


Having built a very close friendship with fellow

aviator, Ron Barrow, Corfman was highly impacted

when Ron was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

More devastating news came when Kathy, Barrow's

wife was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

When the grievous circumstances arose, the couple

wanted to do something extra special for their 3-year

old grandson so the Barrows requested a special favor

of Corfman.

"They wanted to do something special for Max,

their grandson," said Corfman, "so Ron asked me if

we might decorate my Super Cub (it is red and white,

and on skis) as Santa's Super Cub, then fly in to the

Lino Lakes Airpark and bring presents to Max and a

few of his little friends."

Corfman "got in touch with Santa," and made arrangements

for a special delivery that year, a tradition

that has since continued.

Sadly, the Barrows passed away. However, the

Santa's Super Cub tradition carries on in their honor.

Every year, about 20 people gather at Corfman's hangar

to decorate his aircraft, have hot chocolate, holiday

goodies, remember Ron and Kathy, and talk about aviation

and the Santa Project.

Santa's visits have expanded from Lino Lakes to

Park Rapids, and this year, to Buffalo where growing

numbers of parents and children will be graced with a

visit from Santa's Super Cub.

"Their eyes are full of joy and amazement," said

Corfman, who knows Santa personally. "Their mouths

are wide open with excitement about seeing Santa


The joy is not limited to children.

"Santa has many older folks who come up to him,

give him a hug and say. 'Santa we still believe in

you!'" said Corfman, who speaks with Santa regularly.

Three years ago, a 101-year-old woman attended

the event.

"She came up and said, 'Santa, I've been seeing

you every year for 101 years,'" said Corfman. "Santa

told her, 'I know. I look forward to seeing you every

year, too!'"

In a day and age when 'too busy' are common

words, where does the doctor and president of the

Minnesota Pilots Association find time to arrange Santa's


"When there is something you believe in, you find

the time," said Corfman. "Besides, this is just a really

cool deal."


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