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Blaine Airport Promotions Group active in STEM outreach

Businesses at KANE draw kids to airport by making learning fun

When the Blaine Airport Promotions Group (BAPG) holds their monthly meetings, they don't talk about advertising. They discuss how to further their outreach into the community.

It was during one of those conversations that Paul Perovich, General Manager of Twin Cities Aviation and Jennifer Birkmeier Blaine High School Curriculum Integration Coordinator developed a plan to bring high school students to KANE for some real life experience intended to reinforce student's interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Businesses active in BAPG, and in offering their inspirational workspaces to students on tour include Twin Cities Aviation, H.O. Aircraft, R.C. Avionics, Bolduc Aviation, Key Air, and Golden Wings Museum.

In October students from University Avenue Elementary School attended morning sessions in which they engaged in Weather related studies, Wing Design, Engineering, and Map Studies.

The visit was planned as a STEM outreach of the school to inspire young students to explore, discover, and understand the real world of an airport and to fulfill the school's emphasis on Aerospace, Children's Engineering, and Science (A.C.E.S.)

After the tour, BAPG Education Coordinator, Roger Hansen received a note from Kate Watson, University Avenue ACES Curriculum Integration Coordinator stating that a number of the adults who accompanied their children told her how pleased they were at what they, themselves learned.

She went on to say that at least five kids told her they plan to be pi lots or go into aviation.

"While the dreams of children are subject to change," said Hansen, "there are times that a certain experience will impact a child for life. That is what we have in mind when we conduct these tours. It would be interesting to see how many of these kids do go into aviation, not only as a pilot, but in any aspect of that field of study. On the high school level, another October tour was conducted for 42 students, engaging in STEM related activities at their grade level.

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