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End of Era at Flying Cloud

On a bright, sunny August afternoon, with Thunderbird's President and CEO, Nancy Grazzini-Olson, at the controls, a bulldozer quickly erased from the landscape a building that was a fixture at Flying Cloud Airport for over 50 years. "We trained 1000's of pilots in that building and it survived tornados, snowstorms and every other type of Minnesota weather, so I thought it was only fitting to be the one to get the first swing of the bulldozer," commented Nancy Grazzini-Olson. With onlookers made up of generations of Thunderbird employees and customers, Nancy quickly crushed the roof and the frame of the old iconic Thunderbird sign that had graced the top of the building for over half a century.

"We all were a little sad to see our unique facility get torn down, but I think it was a fitting tribute to the end of this chapter in our history. We are all committed to making our investment in our new state of the art executive terminal and training facility and brand new ramp a success and we look are looking forward to taking care of another generation of customers in our new facility," concluded Nancy Grazzini-Olson.


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