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Wipaire announces new approvals for Cessna 182 modifications

Wipaire, Inc.recently announced that approval has been received for performance- and utility-enhancing modifications for the Cessna 182 Skylane. These modifications currently include the Lycoming IO-580 engine conversion and a gross weight increase to 3,500 lbs (1,587 kg) when on Wipline 3000 floats.

“Our goal for this project was to provide owners and pilots a more useful, better-performing airplane, and these modifications do just that,” stated Chuck Wiplinger, President and COO. “We like to say that these improvements are ‘the cure for the common Skylane.’”

The Lycoming IO-580 engine produces 315 hp from the factory, making it the most powerful factory-new engine conversion available for 182 owners. Owners may elect to port and polish their engines for even more spirited performance. The conversion is approved for the 182S and 182T models. The new carbon fiber structural composite Hartzell Trailblazer series propeller is standard equipment. A natural composite MT propeller is also available immediately, with other propeller options pending certification.

Landplane certification efforts for the IO-580 engine conversion are expected to be completed in 2014 along with a gross weight increase to 3,158 lbs (1,432 kg) in the landplane configuration. Additional approvals will include wing extensions in the future. “Many of our customers switch between wheels and floats seasonally, or just want a landplane for different missions,” commented Dale Fehrenbach, Wipaire’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Making these modifications available to landplane owners is a natural step.”

Wipaire’s gross weight increase to 3,500 lbs (with a 3,510 lb ramp weight) is available for the following Wipline 3000-equipped Cessna 182 models:

· 182S and 182T, when equipped with the Wipaire IO-580 conversion

· 182Q and 182R, when equipped with the AirPlains IO-550 conversion

Fehrenbach added, “The IO-580 engine conversion results in a 23% reduction in water run and 35% increase in rate of climb, even with an additional 250 pounds of gross weight. It’s truly an impressive combination!”

A Cessna 182T equipped with an IO-580 engine conversion, 3,500 lb gross weight, and Wipline 3000A floats is available for viewing in the Wipaire display (227-228).


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