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Spring to the Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering


This has been one long winter.

While I have lived and flown in Minnesota for 25 years, I don’t remember a winter that has been more challenging from a flying standpoint.

It might be related to the fact that I am now over 60 years young, and with maturity comes a lesser appreciation of “meeting the challenge” of

opening the hangar, scooping or blowing snow to clear a path for the airplane, navigating snowdrifts on the taxiway, dealing with snow-covered or icy runways, putting on the engine cover, plugging the engine heater in, cleaning snow from the surfaces of the wings...all at

temperatures at or below Zero Degrees F!

I am ready for spring and the promise of warmer temperatures

and fewer challenges in getting the airplane out of and into the hangar.

This particular spring brings the Minnesota Pilots Association (MNPilots) first annual Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering, a celebration of

flight and of all things aviation.

The leadership of MNPilots has put together an excellent group of speakers and exhibitors to whet your appetite for flying after a long winter.

One of the most pleasant discoveries is the fact that we really don’t have to go outside our state borders to get a group of awesome speakers.

Minnesota and Wisconsin have a wealth of aviation history experts who are delighted to share their experience and knowledge with us at the Gathering.

We hope you will join us at the Gathering. Please don’t hesitate to walk up to the speakers and exhibitors and tell them thanks for being here!

It is not a coincidence that the Gathering is to be held on the first day of spring. Goodbye winter. Hello spring!


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