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By Tim Franklin
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License to Learn: Feb. 2014

Building on the past for a solid future


Despite the grueling winter folks, you’ll be glad to hear there is hot news in this month’s Minnesota Flyer and sizzling events on the horizon! As always, the list of events begins on page 3 and continues until we run out of items submitted by our readers.

We encourage readers to support each event listed. However, in keeping with our focus on foundation and future, we do want to a spotlight on the 25th Annual Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Banquet April 12, see mnaviationhalloffame.org for details, and the March 21-22 Minnesota Pilots Association Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering (turn back one page for details), not only because we are proud sponsors, but because we encourage your support of the newly formed Minnesota Pilots Association.

Dr. James D. Lakin gives us the latest on high blood pressure and the FAA in his Aeromedical Forum. Tom Foster provides us with February’s Mystery Airplane.

Congratulations go to Aero Minnesota who announced Aitkin Aviation FBO receiving the highly coveted Part 145 Repair Station Status. Read details of their announcement on page 12.

While we are charged up about the new directions the Minnesota Flyer is taking , we are dedicating this edition to a little meandering through the archives of our minds…or, more appropriately, the minds of our writers.

Noel Allard, president of the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame, begins an intriguing series on the ten most important state aviation pioneers, complete with photos that will fly you back to the early days of aviation. We look forward to learning more from Noel about our roots and wings in coming editions.

Jim Hanson will have you laughing and crying with his article, As I recall in which he comments on advertisements from days of yesteryear. Today is the day of the future of which the ads spoke. If there is truth in advertising, you’re going to know, folks…and visa versa. You’ll want to pay close attention to the ads he’s gleaned from 3,000 pounds of magazines.

In our continuing tribute to Minnesota Flyer founder Sherm Booen, we offer article two in a series of 12 for 2014. We are honored to follow in the footsteps of this aviation legend.

We hope you enjoy all you find in this month’s Minnesota Flyer. We put this edition together with in mind. Feel free to visit us at http://www.mnfler.com)

In the words of our founder, Happy Landings!


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