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MNDOT staff recognized

Congratulations to MnDOT Office of Aeronautics Air Transportation Specialists Vivian "Vee" Dellwo and Barbara Lovness who were nationally recognized for their excellence by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Vee Dellwo received her award recognizing more than 21 years of service, while Barb Lovness was recognized for her 9 years of service. The NBAA granted the 'Aviation Support Services Safety Awards' for consistent contributions to the safety of business aircraft operations. The award highlights the number of years each recipient has contributed to the safe operation of the aircraft and the years without accident or injury to property or persons. Along with a number of other duties, Vee and Barb are responsible for the scheduling of Aeronautics aircraft. Aeronautics Chief Pilot Barry Erickson said, ' We are very proud of Vee and Barb not only for their contributions to our continued safe operations, but also for their dedication to excellence across the board as well as for their passion for aviation. They are critically important members of our team and we are thrilled that they were recognized by the NBAA." Erickson added, "Vee and Barb bring great credit and recognition to MnDOT on a National level."


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MNpilot writes:

Congratulations to a well deserved bunch at the Office of Aeronautics