Photos from: Civil Air Patrol abounds in opportunity for dedicated youth

Courtesy of Capt. Jim Zurales, Civil Air Patrol

Walking into my first Civil Air Patrol meeting I saw one thing: they were working out. It was "PT" night. Immediately I thought that this program was not for me. But soon I realized something else. Everyone was doing it together and supporting each other through each exercise. Civil Air Patrol is an organization unlike any other. Although I have only been in the program for a little over a year, I have surrounded myself with incredible people and learned the importance of having a team you can rely on. I may not enjoy exercising, but I now know how fully capable I am of doing it. I've learned that being pushed to accomplish a task can be difficult, but never giving up is the most important thing. The cadets and senior members in the Civil Air Patrol have helped me to see my full potential and remind me that they are right there with me. I have had some incredible experiences through CAP and all of its great activities. Many people say that Civil Air Patrol is Boy Scouts on steroids. All I can say to those who haven't gotten involved ... just wait and see! C/A1C Eva Sundheim

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